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Tonight at the Scotland Leaders Debate on STV, Nicola Sturgeon made it clearer than ever: she wants to help Ed Miliband into Downing Street.

Such a deal would mean a weak Labour leader in the pocket of the SNP, and hardworking taxpayers would pay the price.

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As sure as night follows day, Labour puts up taxes.

The price of Labour would be £3,028 extra tax for every working family.

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When Labour left office in 2010, they left behind a record peacetime deficit - and a note which read:

"Dear Chief Secretary,

I'm afraid there is no money.

Kind regards - and good luck!"

That note was written by Liam Byrne, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the man responsible for controlling spending in the Labour government - who still serves as a Shadow Minister in Ed Miliband’s team.

It sums up how utterly shameless Labour were - and still are - about the state they left our public finances in.

But, thanks to our long-term plan and the hard work of the British people, we've come a long way in the past 5 years. The deficit has been reduced by half as a share of GDP, 1.9 million new jobs have been created, taxes have been cut for over 26 million people and our economy has been confirmed as the fastest-growing in the G7 last year.

But in all that time, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls haven't apologised - not even once - for wrecking the British economy.

Worse still, they don’t believe spending was too high under the last Labour government - and they plan to do it all over again.

Their policies would mean more of the same borrowing, debt and waste that got us into a mess before, leaving hardworking taxpayers to once again pay the price.

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Our new tax and benefit changes come into effect today.

They’re the latest part of our plan to give more security to hardworking taxpayers. They include:

  • Raising the level at which people start paying income tax to £10,600 – cutting tax for over 26 million people and lifting over three million out of tax altogether since 2010
  • Giving people freedom over their pensions – so you’re not forced to buy an annuity when you retire, but free to spend and save your money how you wish

As a result of our changes 94% of working families are, compared with last year, £17 a month better off – equivalent to £200 a year. And nine out of ten pensioner households are £15 a month better off – or £180 a year. Overall that’s 22 million households with more financial security – and shows that we’re rewarding people who work hard, save and do the right thing.

Labour left a welfare system that didn’t make work pay and a tax system that took too much of people’s hard-earned money. They penalised pensioners and did nothing for savers.

Our changes give real and lasting financial security to hardworking taxpayers – and will help secure a better future for Britain. SHARE to let friends know.

A poll by YouGov in the Sunday Times has found that the Conservative Party is seen as the best party for working people. (Source: Sunday Times, 05/04/15)

With our tax cuts and our plan for more jobs, the British people know that we're the party of people who want to work hard and get on.

Here's just some of the things our long-term economic plan has delivered for hardworking taxpayers since 2010:

  • By backing small business and enterprise, we've helped to create 1.9 million new jobs - and there are currently a record number of people in work
  • There are also 760,000 more businesses - able to give more people the security and stability of a pay packet
  • We've also cut income tax for over 26 million hardworking taxpayers, and lifted over 3 million people out of income tax altogether - meaning more financial security for families
  • And we've capped welfare to reward work, ensuring that no-one can claim more in welfare than the average household earns in work
  • Over 2 million new apprenticeships have been delivered - helping young people learn a trade, kick-start their careers and get on in life

In contrast, Ed Miliband has an anti-business agenda that risks jobs and investment - and wants a return to uncontrolled welfare spending.

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Ed Miliband still won’t rule out a deal with the SNP because he knows he can’t get into Downing Street without them.

A weak Labour leader in the pocket of the SNP would mean more £148 billion more wasteful borrowing, higher taxes on ordinary families, weaker defences and more debt than our children could ever hope to repay.

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In just one month over 50,000 first-time buyers have signed up to our new Starter Home scheme – each one moving a step closer to owning their own home.

Starter Homes are part of our plan to get Britain building again and help people get on in life. Under the scheme a Conservative government will build 200,000 homes for first-time buyers under 40 – giving them the opportunity to buy a new home at 20% below the normal price.

And with Help to Buy, our policy to bring down the cost of a deposit, we’ve helped more than 88,000 families buy their own home – the vast majority first-time buyers.

Home ownership helps people stand on their own two feet and is one of the clearest symbols of a country that rewards hard work. That’s why it goes to the heart of our values and our long-term economic plan – and why we’re committed to helping people own their own home.

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A weak Labour leader propped up by the SNP would mean more spending, borrowing and debt - and hardworking taxpayers will pay for it.

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Tonight's debate confirmed what we already knew:
the choice at this election is between the competence of a Conservative government or the chaos of Ed Miliband propped up by the SNP.

Time and time again, Nicola Sturgeon showed how the SNP would dominate a weak Labour leader - at one stage, she even promised to keep Ed Miliband 'honest'.

By contrast, we saw competence and strong leadership from David Cameron,
the only leader with a clear plan to secure a better future for Britain.

And that plan is working - we've seen 1,000 new jobs every single day this Government has been in office; we've cut income tax for over 26 million people, helping them keep more of the money they earn; we've cut the deficit by half as a share of our economy and will get back in the black in the next Parliament so Britain can once again live within its means.

We are building a strong economy so we can secure the future of everyone in our country - whether that's by investing in our NHS, giving our children a good education or looking after the elderly in our society.

Tonight made it clearer than ever: that we have to keep on working through the plan and not go back to more debt, more taxes and more waste - all the things that got us into a mess to start with.

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Here's the 6 key points everyone watching tonight's ITV Leaders' Debate needs to know. SHARE them with friends - and if you're tweeting, don't forget to use the hashtag #leadersdebate.

1) 1000 NEW JOBS EVERY DAY. We've helped create 1,000 new jobs every day since 2010 - meaning 1,000 more people every day with the security of a pay packet.

2) THE DEFICIT HALVED. Labour left Britain with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history. We've halved that as a share of our economy, and are building a Britain that lives within its means.

3) INCOME TAX CUT AND BENEFITS CAPPED. We're rewarding work, by cutting income tax for over 26 million people and making sure it always pays to work.

4) LABOUR = MORE TAXES, MORE DEBT. Ed Miliband's only plans are more spending, more debt, higher benefits, and more taxes. Every working family would face a £3,028 tax rise if he got into power.

5) THE SNP + LABOUR = CHAOS. The only way Ed Miliband can get into power is with the help of Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond - and that would mean £148bn more debt, unlimited benefits and weaker defences with Trident scrapped.

6) AN EU REFERENDUM. Labour and the Lib Dems won't give people a referendum. UKIP can't - and a vote for them only makes it more likely that Ed Miliband will become Prime Minister. Only the Conservatives can and will deliver an EU referendum - and by the end of 2017.