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Help to Buy is making the dream of home ownership a reality for thousands of people.

The Conservatives’ scheme is opening up the housing market, encouraging house building, and securing a better future for hardworking people – as new figures show:

1. Over 27,000 people have bought a new home with Help to Buy

Labour’s financial crisis froze thousands of people out of the housing market. Help to Buy is opening it up again – and helping thousands of people achieve their dream.

2. 85% of Help to Buy homeowners are first-time buyers

The scheme is successfully targeting the people who need help most: first-time buyers who want to get onto the housing ladder and get on in life.

3. The average house price under Help to Buy is around £190,000

That’s well below the national average of £252,000 and shows the scheme is supporting responsible lending.

4. 94% of Help to Buy homeowners are from outside London

The scheme is helping people across the country, with the North West among the regions benefitting most.

5. 74% of Help to Buy homes are new-builds

By raising demand for new-build homes, the scheme is increasing supply. Since Help to Buy started, private house building is up 34%.

Help to Buy is part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan – a plan with hardworking people at its heart.

Today’s figures show the scheme is responsible, targeted – and above all, helping people secure a better future in their own home.

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New employment figures came out today - but Labour, who predicted our plan would lead to the loss of a million jobs, don’t want you to see them. Here’s why:
1. A record number of people in work
There are now 30.43 million people in work – up 1.59 million since the election. Every job means another family with the financial security of a pay packet and the prospect of a better future.
2. More full-time jobs
Of those new jobs created, 1.2 million are full-time jobs. That shows the recovery is sustainable and helping hardworking people find secure, full-time work.
3. More women in work
The proportion of women in work has hit 67.7 per cent – the highest since records began.
4. The Claimant Count down
There are 378,000 fewer people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance than there were under Labour. New jobs are enabling more people to move off benefits and get on in life.
5. Youth unemployment down
The number of unemployed young people has fallen by 75,000 since 2010. By delivering skills, apprenticeships and jobs, we’re helping give young people a better start in life.


The Conservatives’ long-term economic plan is creating jobs and building a stronger economy.

Labour are the biggest risk to Britain’s recovery. They have no plan and would wreck the economy with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes.
That’s why we need to continue our long-term economic plan – to create even more jobs and secure a better future for Britain.

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Our welfare reforms are changing people’s lives for the better.

New figures show that on average more than 100 people affected by the benefits cap have moved into work every week. That means more and more people are finding a job to provide for themselves and their families.

Capping benefits is a key part of our long-term economic plan so the economy delivers for people who work hard and play by the rules.

These encouraging figures show the cap is helping achieve exactly that. Since the cap was introduced, in almost 6,000 households that were affected by the policy someone has found a job.

Of course, what really matters are the stories behind the statistics: people moving into work, earning a pay packet and getting on in life.

That’s what capping benefits is all about: building stronger communities where everyone contributes, changing people’s lives for the better, and securing a brighter future for Britain.

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The European and local elections on 22nd May are vitally important to our country’s future. Here are three big reasons why you need to vote Conservative.

1. Vote Conservative if you want a team in Europe that gets the best deal for Britain – and then an in-out referendum in 2017.

David Cameron, backed by a strong team of Conservative MEPs, has taken action to stand up for Britain:

  • Cutting the EU Budget for the first time in its history, saving British taxpayers over £8 billion
  • Refusing to spend British taxpayers’ money bailing out the Eurozone
  • Vetoing a new EU Fiscal Treaty that didn’t guarantee a level playing field for British businesses

And we will go further, renegotiating our relationship with Europe and bringing powers back to Britain and away from Brussels. Then we’ll give you the final say with an in-out referendum in 2017.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats won’t give you a referendum and UKIP simply can’t deliver one.

2. Vote Conservative if you want good local government that costs less.

Across the country, Conservative councils are delivering for hardworking people – keeping council tax down and providing better services at the same time.

On average, Conservative-controlled councils charge £89 a year less than Labour-controlled councils on a Band D home – and £106 a year less than Liberal Democrat-controlled councils.

3. Vote Conservative for the long-term future of our country.

Since 2010, we have reduced the deficit by a third, helped 1.5 million more people get into work and get the security of a pay packet, and capped benefits so our economy delivers for those who work hard and play by the rules.

Only the Conservatives have a long-term economic plan to secure a better and brighter future for Britain.

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The British economy is growing.

New figures show the economy grew by 0.8 per cent in the first three months of 2014 and by 3.1 per cent over the last year. A growing economy means businesses are creating jobs and helping more people benefit from the security and stability of a regular pay packet.

Today’s figures show that Britain is coming back – but we can’t take that for granted. We have to carry on working through our long-term economic plan.

For the first time in a decade all three main sectors of the economy – manufacturing, services and construction – have grown by at least three per cent in the last year.

The impact of Labour’s Great Recession is still being felt, but the foundations for a broad based recovery are now in place. The biggest risk to economic security would be abandoning the plan that’s laying those foundations – which is exactly what Labour would do.

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Our Help to Work scheme, which launches today, provides more support than ever before to help the long-term unemployed get into work.

1.4 million people spent most of the last decade under Labour on out-of-work benefits. But a key part of our long-term economic plan is making sure that everyone who can work is in work. So we’re providing new opportunities and responsibilities to the people who Labour abandoned.

Claimants on the Help to Work scheme will attend the Jobcentre every day to search for work, work for their benefits out in the community to gain the skills they need to secure a full-time job or receive intensive coaching from Jobcentre advisers if they face particularly severe barriers to work, like mental health problems or addiction.  

We’re seeing record levels of employment in Britain as more and more people move to the security of a job – and we’re determined to support those who have been stuck on benefits for a number of years.

So while Labour wrote off the long-term unemployed, we’re helping them get into work and get on in life.

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This week has already seen 5 important signs that our long-term economic plan is building a stronger economy and creating a better, more secure future for hardworking people:

  1. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have upgraded their growth forecasts for Britain’s economy – and by more than for any other major advanced economy. More growth means more jobs and more people with the security of a pay packet each month.
  2. Exports are up, as British businesses grow and reach new customers (British Chamber of Commerce figures, Q1 2014)
  3. The amount we manufacture is also up – a sign that Britain is beginning to make more and the economy is rebalancing (BCC figures, Q1 2014 and ONS figuresFebruary 2014)
  4. Consumer spending is up – this increase in confidence is good news for small businesses and high street shops (The VISA expenditure index - 1.6% increase in March)
  5. Permanent salaries are growing at the fastest rate since July 2007, bringing more financial security to hardworking people (REC/KPMG Report on Jobs, April 2014)

There is still more to do, but our plan is working. The greatest risk to the recovery remains the Labour Party, who would wreck our economy with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes.

We can’t let them do it again – donate £10 today and help secure Britain’s future.

Today is an important day for Britain.

As of today, the Conservatives are cutting the jobs tax so over a million businesses will pay up to £2,000 less tax, including 400,000 small businesses that will pay no jobs tax at all. 

That means businesses will have extra money to create jobs – so more hardworking people will get the financial security a pay packet brings.

That’s not all. Today we’re also cutting income tax for over 25 million people, saving the typical taxpayer £705 and taking over three million working people out of income tax altogether.

You will keep more of the money you earn and hardworking families will be more financially secure. 

Today’s tax cuts are only possible because of our long-term economic plan – a plan with hardworking people at its heart.

Labour have no plan – and would wreck the economy with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes. 

That’s why it’s vital that we carry on working through our plan to build a stronger economy and secure a better future for Britain. 

Use our income tax calculator today to see how much you’ll save - and share the link with everyone you know.

This week sees the biggest business and personal tax cuts for a generation. The vital changes we’re introducing – paid for by cutting spending - will create more jobs and give more people the security of a pay packet each month.

We’re backing businesses by cutting their taxes so they can create more jobs:

  • The ‘jobs tax’ (Employer National Insurance Contributions) is being cut by up to £2,000 - benefiting over 1.25 million employers, over 90 per cent of which are small businesses
  • Corporation tax is being cut to the lowest rate in the G7
  • We’re helping the high street with a £1,000 discount on business rates for retail properties
  • Tax on business investment is being virtually abolished for most businesses

We’re cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty to help hardworking people be more financially secure:

  • By increasing the amount you can earn before you start paying tax, we’re cutting income tax for 25 million people, with 2.7 million now taken out of income tax altogether
  • We’ve cancelled Labour’s planned rises in fuel duty – saving the average driver £7 every time you fill up

At the same time, our welfare changes are getting people off welfare and back into work.

Our long-term economic plan is building a more resilient economy for the future, and a more financially secure future for hardworking people and their families.

If you back our plan, donate £10 online today or text ‘SUPPORT’ to 81500 (Texts cost £1. Full Terms & Conditions here.)