Your Police & Crime Commissioner candidate

Lisa Townsend is your Conservative candidate for Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner at the election Thursday 6th May 2021.

Lisa lives in Chertsey and was previously a resident of Cobham. Her background in strategic communications and is a previous parliamentary candidate. If she is elected to represent you, her priorities for improving our local police service include:

  • Making policing more visible and responsive to the needs of our residents, including the elderly and vulnerable
  • Ensuring residents and businesses get protection from crime, victim support and safer streets
  • Getting Surrey's fair share of the extra 20,000 police officers the Conservative Government is recruiting
  • Taking a tougher stance on illegal traveller encampments
  • Achieving value for the Surrey taxpayer.

Lisa will be a critical friend to Surrey Police, holding the Chief Constable to account and ensuring that the force is implementing the priorities of Surrey residents. At the same time Lisa will look out for police officers and ensure they get the funding and support they need.

A message from Lisa:

"As PCC I will be entirely answerable to Surrey residents. My crime and policing plan for the Chief Constable will reflect what the people of Surrey want to happen. In the same way that the PCC has the power to hold the Chief Constable to account, I will be accountable to the voters of Surrey. I am genuinely independent of policing. I think the role is about being able to communicate with people, listening to their concerns about crime and policing and what they want Surrey to feel like and communicating that to the Chief Constable to take the needed operational actions. I know how special and diverse our communities are and how vital a strong and financially sustainable police force is to maintaining Surrey's success. I have a track record of getting things done and a strong commitment to Surrey's residents.”

You can Like and Follow Lisa’s campaign via her Facebook page.