Hersham is a village situated between Esher and Walton. 

Elmbridge Borough Councillors for Hersham Village

Surrey County Councillor for Hersham 

Burwood Park is in the Oatlands & Burwood Park ward; Whiteley Village in the Weybridge St George's Hill ward; and the Longmore area in the Esher ward. 

Branch Chairman

Mrs Olga Denyer
Tel: 01932 228010
Email: olga.denyer@esherwalton.com

Hersham is the longest established Branch in the Association. We are a vibrant Branch whose prime objective is: to return Conservative Councillors at every possible opportunity. Besides that, we fulfil the highest financial quota in the Association by organising social events of varied nature, our highlight being the Annual BBQ, which was recently held in spite of very doubtful weather conditions. We follow the basic principle: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!

Find below our latest In Touch bringing you the latest Hersham news and information.


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