Conservative's positive plan for Elmbridge

Conservatives candidates are taking our positive vision for Elmbridge to the doors of voters in the run up to the borough council elections on Thursday 3 May.

Our manifesto sets out our key themes as a group including protection for the environment, sound finances, providing more affordable homes, support for town centres and listening to residents.

Elmbridge Conservative leader, Cllr Tim Oliver, says: “We are a united and locally-focused team with an absolute commitment to improving our borough. A vote for your Conservative candidate on 3 May is a vote for first class services, protection for the environment, homes for young people and value for your council tax.”

The council is required to plan for hundreds of new homes in order to enable young people and key workers to get on to the ladder. We will meet this challenge whilst safeguarding our local green belt, parks and open spaces. Money collected from developers will be reinvested back into communities in the form of grants for community projects and roads repairs as appropriate. Our councillors will listen to residents and act on your priorities, and if we are able to form the next administration we will have a keen eye on reducing costs and waste and manage your council tax responsibly.

We are fielding candidates in all 16 wards. Click on each name to find out more about them.

Elmbridge has been run for the two years by a coalition of seven political resident associations and the Liberal Democrats. They hiked their personal allowances by an outrageous 12.4%, introduced charges for tennis courts and raised council tax both years (by comparison the Conservatives froze it for seven years in 10). And who could forget last summer’s debacle of missed bin collections, prompting hundreds of complaints to the council and the Lib Dem portfolio holder’s refusal to accept responsibility. Our borough can and will be better if you vote for your local Conservative candidate on Thursday 3 May.