Elmbridge Council in safe hands with the Conservatives


Despite 4% inflation and having to find over £1.2 million in savings, we are pleased to announce that the Elmbridge Borough Council component of the Council Tax will be frozen for next year.

This means that since the Conservatives formed the Administration in 2006, there has been no increase in the Council Tax for no fewer than five years out of six.

We are one of only nine other Councils in England and Wales to have achieved such an outstanding result. And what’s more, there have been no reductions in the Council’s services, nor have we needed to increase charges within our control for the fourth time in six years. Over the last 6 years, the Council has managed over £6 million in budget reductions.

Elmbridge also won high praise from the District Auditor who confirmed that the Council is among the country’s top performing authorities.

In presenting the budget to the Council on February 22nd, Leader of the Council and Hersham Councillor, John O’Reilly, commented: “Furthermore, and unlike many other authorities, we have protected all the Voluntary Sector Grants yet again, amounting to a continuing investment of over £400,000.”

Pointing to the Council’s continuing commitment to help, support and nurture Elmbridge’s flourishing community and voluntary sector, Cllr O’Reilly referred to the £300,000 allocated directly for this purpose through the creation of an Olympic Legacy Fund and a Diamond Jubilee Fund specifically directed at the voluntary sector on a one-off basis to make a reality of projects that will benefit our residents.

He concluded by saying: “The aim of this budget can be encapsulated in six words: ‘protecting our residents’ and ‘strengthening our community’.”

Your Conservative Councillors are always on your side and particularly in these difficult times.

We are relentless in demanding value for money, doing things ever more efficiently, but protecting our superb community and other services.

Speaking to In Touch after the meeting, Cllr. O’Reilly added: “The Council Tax freeze is particularly welcome for those Hersham residents, including many in Whiteley Village, who have to rely on their pensions and where every penny matters.”