Local Elections: Elmbridge Conservatives deliver low taxes and improved services

Conservative run Elmbridge is right up there with the best performing Councils in the country. Since we took control in 2006,  we have shown that it is possible to keep your Council Tax down AND make our services for residents even better.

We have frozen our share of the Council Tax in SIX of the last EIGHT years and if re-elected we shall do the same again for next year. Only a handful of other Councils can match that success in benefiting their residents. During this period national inflation has been 30%: Elmbridge Council Tax just 6.9%.

We have also ensured that the prices for vital community services such as meals on wheels and community alarms have increased far below inflation.

We have also increased funding for the voluntary sector, promoted local enterprise, supported affordable housing and protected our Borough’s unique green environment.

With your support on May 22  we can do even more to extend further Elmbridge’s deserved reputation as one of Britain’s Best Boroughs.

The Conservative candidates are: