Mary and Ruth to preserve Hersham's Village Hall and Centre

Hersham councillors Mary Sheldon and Ruth Mitchell are determined that Hersham's much-loved Village Hall and Community Centre will be retained and made even better.

The future of these public amenities were top of the agenda at Elmbridge Borough Council's public meeting on 1 October, that was attended by around 100 residents. The clear wish from the meeting that the Village Hall be reopened speedily has been fully taken on board and Elmbridge officers are now commissioning an up to date survey to find out the precise costs for re-occupation. We are expecting the results in December.

One particularly positive outcome has been the absolute commitment that the site will remain in Council ownership and not sold to private developers.

Consultation with residents and users is key to making sure we take the right decisions for many years ahead. We hope that as many as possible will be able to attend the consultation meetings which will take place in November. These will be extensively advertised.

Mary and Ruth commented: “This is a once in a generation opportunity for Hersham to bring a renewed lease of life to our precious Centre and Hall and get the best possible outcome for users and the community as a whole. We will always be guided by residents’ views and we urge everyone to join the discussion just as they did at the October 1st meeting. We will keep you informed every step of the way”.