Molesey Conservatives back resident calls for parking controls

Molesey Conservatives are hoping to use an up-coming Surrey County Council parking review to resolve a long standing problem in residential streets close to Hampton Court Palace.

Peter Szanto (pictured with residents) and Steve Bax have been campaigning for an hour of residents-only parking in several streets in East Molesey to prevent railway commuters from parking up roads from early in the morning until late at night.

Residents say this results in blocked drives, it prevents Elmbridge Council from sweeping the gutters and damages local trade as spaces that would otherwise be open to people frequenting the shops in nearby Bridge Road are out of use.

Peter and Steve, both former Molesey councillors, raised a petition calling for limited parking controls that was signed by 350 East Molesey households and 52 retailers.

Peter said: “We petitioned over 430 households and received support from well over 80%. Out of 59 traders and retailers 88% were supportive, so there is clearly strong local support for these measured proposals.

“Our political opponents the Molesey Residents Association hold all the Council seats in Molesey and are in a position to assist householders in getting the changes they are calling for. Unfortunately they have opposed parking controls for many years now, seemingly happy for East Molesey streets to become a free extension to the station car park."

He added: "The question being asked now is whether they will listen to their constituents this time, in light of the safety concerns and supporting local businesses.”

Surrey highways officers will consider the petitions and are likely to bring proposals to a meeting of Borough and County Councillors on 3 October.