MP Dominic Raab to campaign for EU exit

Esher & Walton's Conservative MP, Dominic Raab, will campaign for Britain to leave the EU at the referendum on June 23rd.

Dominic set out his thoughts in a blog post on Sunday February 21st, and in a Sunday Times article. This is what he had to say:

"Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced the date of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU) – which will be the 23rd June. I have decided after very careful consideration that that I will campaign for Britain to leave. I have taken this decision from conviction, and after a lot of thought. 

In short, from economic competitiveness to democratic accountability, I feel Britain’s best interests over the longer term will be better served by having a close trading relationship with the EU, from the outside, and taking advantage of all the freedoms from control by Brussels – whether it is deciding national laws at home, or forging free trade deals abroad. Ultimately, I want Britain to be master of her own destiny, and stand tall in the world.

I make no criticism of the Prime Minister. He fought hard for a better deal, and has given the British people their say over this fundamental question of how we are governed. Equally, we will all have friends on both sides of this debate. I have no intention of losing a single one over the issue. Reasonable people can differ on such big questions.So, let’s have a great debate on one of the great issues of the day, and then – and, remember, only because of this Conservative government – it will be for the British people to decide."

John Caton, Chairman of Esher & Walton Conservative Association (EWCA), said it is a matter for individual members of the Association to make up their minds whether they wish to vote to remain in the EU or to leave it, therefore EWCA will not take a public position on the referendum. He said: "The responsibility of the Association is to ensure an impartial party environment in which our part of that debate can take place."