Overwhelming support for Molesey parking petition

Residents and businesses in the Molesey East have given overwhelming support to a petition organised by Conservative ward councillors Steve Bax and Peter Szanto for parking controls.

Steve and Peter were elected in 2014 and 2015 with a mandate to tackle all-day the commuter parking which results in blocked driveways and problems with safety and congestion in residential streets close to Hampton Court Station. 

From their meetings with Surrey County Council (SCC) it became clear that the best way to make progress was to feed into the ongoing Elmbridge parking review, which is due to turn its attention to Molesey later this year. Steve and Peter's proposal, which is also supported by Dr Debi Oliver (who is standing for election in Molesey East alongside Cllrs Szanto and Bax) is for a morning one hour residents only parking restriction to solve the all-day commuter parking and free up spaces for residents, their visitors and for people to use the Bridge Road shops.

Cllr Szanto explained: “In addition to adversely impacting on our local shops, the rail commuter parking in these roads results in safety and access concerns, since rail commuters are often more focused on catching their trains than on safe and disciplined parking. SCC would only consider parking controls if they have evidence that at least 70% of households in the street are in favour. We have recently completed petitions in 11 roads, contacting over 430 households and received support from 350, well over 80%. Only one of the 11 roads was not strongly in favour of the proposal.”

Steve Bax and Peter Szanto

Many rail commuters from outside Molesey use Hampton Court station for their weekly commute since it is the furthest station from central London at which Oyster cards can be used and they are guaranteed a seat in the morning.

Commuter parking currently blocks spaces all day on weekdays, despite Hampton Court station car park remaining well under half full. Molesey residential streets have in effect become a free car park for railway users.

In addition Steve, Peter and Debi are working with other residents, including those roads which are about to join East Molesey Ward following the recent boundary review, so that their issues are thoroughly examined in the review.

Elmbridge residents who are concerned about a parking issue and want it to be considered in the Surrey CC review can make a request online or by writing to: Parking Team, Rowan House, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7BQ.