Building more homes in Britain

New figures show that the number of new homes being registered across the UK is at its highest level since 2007.By working closely with housebuilders, we’re ensuring that they have the skills needed to build even more homes that hard-working people want.

Tonight's London Mayoral hustings - what you need to know

Will you be watching the first hustings of the London Mayoral campaign, taking place tonight?

The London School of Economics will be webcasting the event from 6.30pm, and you can watch the live stream by clicking here.

Delivering economic security for working people

The latest employment figures show that our long-term economic plan is working. 31.4 million people are in work and we have a 74% employment rate - the highest ever in the UK.The Prime Minister said, "Unemployment is now below where it was before the recession.

Labour are a threat to the security of every working family

After Jeremy Corbyn said on The Andrew Marr Show that he would have Trident submarines with no nuclear weapons on board and admitted he'd change strike laws, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:“It’s clearer than ever that Labour are a threat to our national security and our economic security.“

Transforming Homes in Britain

For decades, sink estates, and sometimes the people who lived in them, have been seen as something simply to be managed, leading to gangs, and entrenching poverty.

English Votes for English Laws: Delivered

In our manifesto, we committed to English Votes for English Laws – and we’ve now delivered it.The Housing Bill was the first piece of legislation to be subject to the new system.It wasn’t fair that Scottish MPs could have a decisive say on laws that only affect people who live in England.

We're helping first-time buyers own their own home

With the Government’s new Help to Buy: ISA thousands more people will be given the opportunity to own their own home.

Since Labour’s financial crisis first-time buyers who are doing the right thing have struggled to save for a home of their own.

Living within our means

To protect our economic security, we are taking the difficult decisions to live within our means and bring our debts down.