Cty Cllr Tim Oliver

Tim Oliver is an Elmbridge Borough Councillor for Esher and Surrey County Councillor for Weybridge. He is the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council and the Cabinet Member for People on Surrey County Council.

At the borough elections in May 2018 the Conservative group won 10 seats and formed a minority Administration with Cllr Oliver at its head. Speaking at the first Full Council after the elections, he said: “There is no doubt that there are challenges ahead but I can assure all the residents of Elmbridge that I am committed to placing their interests at the centre of all we do. We will work with colleagues from all sides of the Chamber to ensure Elmbridge continues to thrive. There will be conversations, discussions and no doubt compromise as we work towards our goals.”

Tim chairs a seven person cabinet with Cllr Andrew Burley taking responsibility for Community & Social Affairs, Cllr Glenn Dearlove in charge of Environment, Highways & Transport, Cllr Andrew Kelly appointed to head the Housing portfolio, Cllr Malcolm Howard at Leisure & Culture, Cllr Browne overseeing Planning Services and Cllr Ruth Mitchell for Resources. In addition to his role as Leader, Cllr Oliver will also manage Corporate Development.

Tim is married to Debi, a former GP.

Email: toliver@elmbridge.gov.uk