Geoff Herbert

Geoff is the Chairman of Claygate Parish Council.

He served as a borough councillor and is a long-standing member of the Parish Council. He has worked closely with our county councillor Mike Bennison to get local roads fixed. He has responded to a wide range of issues raised by residents, including housing, hedges, trees, parking and planning.

Geoff takes a keen interest in controlling development, parking and antisocial behaviour. He is strongly opposed to local over - development, and to the ever-present threat to the Green Belt. He is a strong supporter of local businesses. He also works closely with the many voluntary and community groups and organisations which contribute so much to the local community.

Geoff's work in Claygate

Geoff has lived in Claygate all of his life and attended Claygate Primary and Waynefleet schools. He has always worked in the area and is currently Technical Manager at Calmet Laboratory Services at Hampton Wick. He has been a Claygate Parish Councillor since 2003 and is a former chairman and former vice-chairman of the planning committee. Geoff was an Elmbridge Borough Councillor from 2011 to 2015 and served on a number of committees, including East Area Planning, Overview & Scutiny and Audit & Standards.

Geoff is strongly opposed to excessive development in Claygate, which would alter its character as a village, and spearheaded the production of the Village Design Statement. He works closely with the police to minimize crime in Claygate, through ongoing day-to-day contact with the police as the Parish Council police liaison. 

Contact Geoff

You can contact Geoff on or 07954 648 831

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