Walton North

Walton North is one of three borough wards that covers Walton-on-Thames

The ward includes Terrace Road (and all the offshoots) from Cottimore Lane to the Molesey border - this includes the Russell Road/Cambridge Road/Sunbury Lane area, Vicarage Fields, Vanburgh Drive, Shaw Drive, Cottimore Lane, The Grove, Garden Road, Carlton Road and Florence, Nightingale and Pankhurst Roads. It also includes Regency Gardens, Misty's Field, Braycourt Avenue, the Swansmere estate, the St John's, Rodney Road, Cottimore Crescent and Hillary Crescent. 

Elmbridge Borough Councillors

Cllr Andrew Kelly

Cllr Alan Kopitko 

Cllr Rachael Lake 

Surrey County Councillors

Cty Cllr Rachael Lake (KA and KB polling districts)

Cty Cllr Tony Samuels (KC polling district)

Copies of all newsletters delivered to Walton North since May 2017 can be found below. 


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