Walton South

Walton South is one of three borough wards that covers Walton-on-Thames.

It encompasses the Rydens area of Walton, most of the Ashley area and the Fieldcommon estate.

Although Walton South is an independent branch, we work closely with other Walton wards. We need to increase the number of people who support our branch.

This can be done in the following ways, with increasing involvement:

  • Non-active Member. Party membership costs £25 pa or less. Your membership gives us valuable financial support and moral encouragement. You will receive regular information and will be able to vote in the selection of Local, National and European candidates.
  • Active non-member. There is no requirement to be a Party Member if you just want to be a casual helper. If you can help with leaflet delivery, telling or canvassing at election time, or with fund-raising events, all we need is your willingness and a contact number.
  • Active Member. A combination of the above.
  • Organiser/Committee member. Every group needs a good number of people who have the time and the inclination to give that little bit extra.
  • Candidate list. We are always looking for suitable people to stand in Local elections. Invariably our candidates are drawn from the pool of people who reveal their talent through the help they give.

Our purpose is to WIN elections! To that end we need to fill all the above roles from the “foot soldiers” up to Candidates. Please join in however you can.

Elmbridge Borough Councillors

Cllr Chris Cross

Cllr Malcolm Howard

Surrey County Councillors

Cty Cllr Tony Samuels (LA pollings district)

Cty Cllr Rachael Lake (LB and LC pollings districts)

Branch Chairman

Malcolm Howard


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