Former Mayor Mike Benninson's gift to local disabled charity

Former Mayor of Elmbridge, Councillor Mike Bennison has presented a cheque for £24,450 to Riding for the Disabled.

Mike adopted the charity for his Mayoral year in 2013-14, and raised funds with with events including a Ladies’ Luncheon and a Black & White Ball, raffles and competitions. He also pulled in donations from the local community and businesses.

Councillor Bennison met up with Margaret Bentley from the Leatherhead Group and Sheri Johnson from the Horsley & Bookham Group on August 14 to present the cheque.  

During his Mayoral year Councillor Bennison had been able to provide a portacabin, kindly donated by Berkeley Homes, which had been turned into a dedicated Learning Centre for disabled youngsters who are waiting for their riding sessions.  Riding for the Disabled aims to provide people with disabilities the chance to ride in order to benefit their health and well-being.  

Riding helps with physical development as the rhythmic movement of the horse strengthens muscles, reduces spasticity and improves balance and co-ordination.  In addition riders learn new skills, achieve goals, improve their communication and gain confidence. Just being with the horses puts smiles on their faces.

The donation to Riding for the Disabled – Leatherhead & Horsley Groups will enable them to offer more young people the opportunity to benefit from horse riding.  Councillor Bennison said “My wife, Mary and I, chose this wonderful charity to support during my Mayoral year 2013-14 having been inspired by the Paralympics and we hoped to be able to continue the spirit and legacy of the games.  I was overwhelmed with the generosity received at my fundraising events and so pleased to be able to pass this cheque on to the RDA at the end of my Mayoral year."