Conservatives ‘raising the bar’ at Surrey County Council

Recent years have been a time of challenge, upheaval and difficult decisions for Surrey County Council, but with a programme of reform underway, we can look to the future with renewed optimism, writes Peter Szanto, County Councillor for East Molesey and Esher.

Dominic Raab re-elected as MP for Esher & Walton

Dominic Raab has been re-elected as your Conservative MP for Esher & Walton. We thank the constituents of Esher & Walton for their support.

Dominic received over 49% of the vote and a majority of 2,743 over the Liberal Democrats, with Labour in third place on 4.5% of the vote.

Boris Johnson’s speech outside Downing Street

Boris Johnson delivered his first speech outside No. 10 Downing Street since the General Election. He told the UK how he would form a people’s Government, deliver Brexit, and unleash Britain’s potential. Here’s what he said.

The choice tomorrow

With voting to begin at 7am on Thursday, opinion polls say the election is too close to call - the Conservatives need 9 more seats for a majority, but opposition parties only need to make 12 gains to prolong the chaos and uncertainty of a hung parliament.