Paul Wood

Paul Wood is the Conservative candidate for Weybridge Riverside at the Elmbridge Borough Council elections on 2 May. 

He has lived in Elmbridge for 13 years and worked in Human Resources departments for major companies for over 40 years. He is recently retired and now has the time to devote himself to serving the community as a councillor. Paul is experienced at dealing with people and resolving complex issues. He has great communication skills and is a proven influencer – the sort of champion that residents of Weybridge need to fight their corner at issue. What’s more, Paul’s word is his bond – if he says he will do something he always delivers.

Key issue: Weybridge Hospital

Paul says: "The tragic fire at Weybridge Hospital in July 2017 resulted in the loss of our vital community asset. Thankfully we now have some of the services back in temporary structures, but permanent redevelopment provides the chance to enhance our town’s facilities. I will work with other councillors to ensure this once-in-a-generation opportunity is not lost and that residents’ views are reflected in the feasibility study. In addition to new facilities to replace the Walk-in Centre and GP Surgeries, the site could also include a new library and community centre. With a well developed and coordinated plan, the benefits to Weybridge will be considerable."

Paul's 6-point plan:

  1. Putting Weybridge Riverside first. I will act on residents’ concerns. I will be an energetic champion for the interests of local residents and support initiatives to enhance the area. I will be YOUR Councillor, accountable to YOU.
  2. Weybridge Hospital Redevelopment. This is a great chance to improve our community services. I will advance proposals to ensure that the needs of Weybridge residents are met. The tragedy of the hospital fire must be turned into a great opportunity for local residents.
  3. Town Centre Infrastructure. Our local shops need all the help they can get in these difficult times. I will champion initiatives that keep businesses thriving: improving the streetscape and better parking for local residents and shoppers.
  4. Ensuring value for money. The Council’s money is YOUR money and I will ensure it is spent wisely and efficiently.
  5. Protect our Environment. While being sensitive to the need for more housing, and particularly affordable homes, I will stand up for residents against the impact of excessive development and threats to our open spaces.
  6. Cooperating with Surrey County Council. Working closely with our Surrey County Councillor I will strive to ensure effective and seamless support across all services for Weybridge residents.