Paul Wood

Paul Wood is a Conservative activist in West Molesey and was our candidate for the ward in 2018.

He has lived in Elmbridge for 12 years and worked in Human Resources departments for major companies for over 40 years. He is recently retired and now has the time to devote himself to serving the community as a councillor. Paul is experienced at dealing with people and resolving complex issues. He has great communication skills and is a proven influencer – the sort of champion that residents of West Molesey need to fight their corner at issue. What’s more, Paul’s word is his bond – if he says he will do something he always delivers.

He is aware that the Residents Association party has held sway in West Molesey for the better part of 40 years and that many people are now pointing out that their councillors are rarely seen or heard. There is a mood for change and West Molesey deserves somebody who will strive on their behalf.

Paul says: “Elmbridge Council is responsible for many of the services that are important to everyday life in West Molesey (for example, planning control and rubbish collection). Being a Councillor is not about having an agenda and pushing it, or feeling important at big meetings in the Civic Centre. It is about ensuring that residents are represented by someone who will listen to their concerns and who is willing and able to be tenacious in following up with the authorities so that residents get the services they are entitled to and deserve.”