Cty Cllr Peter Szanto

Dr Peter Szanto is the County Councillor for East Molesey & Esher and Deputy Chairman (political) of Esher and Walton Conservative Association.

Peter received a doctorate in chemistry from Bristol University and worked for a major oil company for 33 years, starting as a research scientist and later serving as a senior executive. He has extensive business experience including strategic planning and managing a large workforce. He is married to Ros, a retired doctor, and they have two grown-up daughters, one a junior doctor and the other a solicitor.

Peter was a Elmbridge Borough Councillor for Molesey East from 2015 to 2016 and has represented East Molesey & Esher on Surrey County Council since 2017.

Contact Details

Phone: 07712 587 831 

Email: moleseyesherpete@gmail.com



Elmbridge to debate stance on Heathrow expansion

ELMBRIDGE councillors are to debate on 7 December whether the Borough should support or oppose a third Heathrow runway.

In October the government said it was minded to approve a new runway to the north west of the current Heathrow and would make a final decision late next year.